Consulting for the development and implementation of innovative projects in production management and development of new technological solutions to raise the company's competitive advantages, its productivity and the performance of its products.

In order to efficiently cope with the growing business rates and demands of customers in the construction area, companies must redesign and innovate the development of products and ventures, in order to manage and optimize its results, performance and productivity. New constructive systems, new materials and equipment, aplication of IT intelligence in processes, industrialization and sustainability are part of the sector's agenda. To help companies of the productive chain gain competition, productivity, and performance in its businesses and products, CTE offers consulting for the development and implementation of managerial innovative processes for the production and development of new technological solutions.


CTE assists companies in the development and implementation of new systems and technologies, promoting innovation in construction.

Production Management systems customized for the development and implementation of innovative constructive technologies.
Assessment of the company's guidelines and adjustment to the new ABNT technical principles, to the Performance Standard, and to the SINAT Regulation for the development of new solutions and products.
Business sustainability management with strategic, tactical, and operational scope.
Distinct methodologies and processes to enhance efficiency and precision.



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