Construction work & project management and advice for the development of real estate businesses to minimize technical risks and assure better results for investors, developers, contractors and other customers.

The shift in the investment flow from the financial sector to the productive sector has changed the real estate business expansion scenario. More and more investors and entrepreneurs focus on the construction business  expecting the capital profitability, while developers focus on the viability and management of financial results of ventures and construction companies in construction work management, taking care of strategic elements of production. To help investors, entrepreneurs, developers and construction companies to reach success in their business and assure the users to have access to quality buildings within the due dates and costs, CTE offers services and Consulting in the real estate business development area and in construction work and project management.



CTE works to make its customers' businesses possible and assure the best performance of its ventures.

Detection of opportunities, development, structuring, and real estate business management.
Feasibility of ventures and investors' partnerships, investment funds, developers and construction companies.
Construction work and project management regarding the administration of the value and production chains.
Construction work planning and monitoring  with systematic controlling.



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Click here to contact the person in charge or dial +5511 2149-0300.

Click here to contact the person in charge or dial +5511 2149-0300.